Nourish Care Planning

Digital Care Planning

Westgate Healthcare utilise Nourish Care, an electronic care plan provider, transforming in-home processes regarding the planning of care for our residents.

Enhancing each homes’ ability to record and analyse data electronically, the technology promotes more effective, tailored and bespoke care planning.

By consolidating data, the platform promotes individualised and person-centred care plans based on individual healthcare and wellbeing requirements. 

Since switching to digital care planning, our carbon footprint has been significantly reduced, making our care homes more environmentally friendly.

What does this mean for residents?
  • Residents and their loved ones are involved with the review and tailoring of their care plans
  • Real-time reporting ensures we respond quickly to any changes in the care or wellbeing requirements of our residents
  • Digital recording provides a central system where data can be easily accessed and reviewed, giving peace of mind to families
  • The digital platform is a user friendly system meaning our care teams can access everything they need to know in one single place
What does this mean for the care teams?
  • The ability to spend more quality time caring and less time writing notes
  • The platform is accessible via portable iPads in our homes so changes to care plans can be updated immediately, without delay
  • User-friendly so that all team members are confident in using the software
  • Presentable data and reports 
  • Instant access to records in real-time

To learn more about Nourish Care, click here.