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Westgate Healthcare goes paperless with electronic care planning system

Westgate Healthcare goes paperless with electronic care planning system

Pioneering the future of care planning, Westgate Healthcare has recently rolled out Nourish Care, an electronic care plan provider, that will enhance their ability to record and analyse information, promoting more effective care planning. The rollout of Nourish, across their seven homes in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Essex, will support the Westgate team to deliver more individualised and person-centred care for their residents by facilitating a speedier and more comprehensive analysis of information, which can then be used to enhance residents’ care plans.  This will lead to better care outcomes as well as allowing the team to spend more quality time with the people that they care for. The digital care planning system also makes it easier for residents to get involved with the review and tailoring of their own care plans, promoting their independence and ensuring that their wishes and preferences are at the centre of everything that happens in the care home. Jomol Paul, Head of Clinical Services and Deputy Manager at Westgate House Care Centre, said: “Nourish has opened the gateway to drive forward person-centred care for our residents within the Westgate family. I am proud to have played a pivotal part in rolling out this new initiative across our care homes.” Nourish Care, accessible from a modern, portable handheld device, akin to an app on a smartphone, is user friendly and will allow the care team to quickly record information and have access to the plan of care for the resident they are supporting, with data immediately presented to the user at the click of a button. It will also allow a smoother transition of information flow across staff shifts and teams, with care notes electronically recorded in real-time, and instantly accessible by other team members. Nourish uses the information collected to allow the production of detailed reports, enabling the team to then analyse trends more efficiently and hence respond with better and more effective care strategies to improve the healthcare outcomes for their residents. The recent launch of Nourish has already significantly reduced the paperwork needed, with residents’ care plans becoming paperless, promoting the running of more environmentally friendly care homes.  Nuno Almeida, Founder of Nourish Care, said:  “We are delighted that Westgate Healthcare has chosen Nourish as their partner for electronic care planning across their seven care homes. It has always been our mission to improve the lives of the people who need care and to empower those who provide it, through an easy-to-use, flexible and truly person-centred software platform. We look forward to helping Westgate Healthcare make a real difference to the quality of the care they provide.” If you are interested in finding out more, please call 0808 291 2122.

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