Make a Wish

Making our residents’ wishes come true at Westgate Healthcare

We at Westgate Healthcare pride ourselves on being innovators and early adopters of new ideas and initiatives that will improve our residents’ lives. As a family owned & run care group, we feel that it’s essential to create an environment that promotes independence, fulfilment, happiness, and excitement for residents living in our care homes.

The ‘Make a Wish’ initiative was rolled out across all Westgate Healthcare homes in 2020, and has proven to be a great success in supporting the wellbeing needs of our residents. The initiative was designed to give our residents the opportunity to have their unique wishes granted, whatever they may be, creating an exceptional and bespoke experience for them to remember. At Westgate Healthcare we are committed to helping our residents live enriched lives, the way they choose, and we are always looking for new ways to facilitate this.

How does it work?

All residents at each home are invited to write a wish down on a ‘Wishing Tag’ which is then hung onto the home’s ‘Wishing Tree’. Each home grants one wish each month, and wishes that are difficult for the home to grant independently are then entered into a ‘Big Wish’ draw against the other sister homes, and these wishes are granted biannually.
To read more about a resident Big Wish, click here.

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