Dementia Care

What is Dementia Care?

Considering dementia care for yourself or a loved one can be emotional. However, it is important to remember that the whole process is designed to improve wellbeing. Good quality dementia care that treats people with respect, preserves dignity and encourages independence can enhance and uplift the lives of those living with dementia.

People with dementia can require increasing levels of care in later life and knowing when is the right time to look for help can be challenging. For some, the decision is more obvious, but regardless, dementia care is an option that can help relieve the strains and hardships for that person and those looking after them.

Dementia care has some important benefits:

  • 24 hour support from dementia trained care staff
  • The knowledge that your loved one is in a safe place
  • Social interaction, stimulation and activities

Managing the various types and stages of dementia and, where possible, slowing its progress, requires a carefully considered environment and care plan. Dementia affects people in different ways which is why it is important to treat each resident’s needs as unique. With this in mind, care plans are reviewed regularly to ensure that individual needs are met as closely as possible.

If you are considering dementia care for someone you know, you may decide to make the first visit on your own and if you think a home is suitable, then visit with the person. It is important that you both feel comfortable with how the place looks and feels, and also how it’s run. Many homes suggest a trial period which can be very helpful in the decision-making process.

Our Dementia Care Service

Stability, security and safety are essential - but without the feeling of restriction. At Westgate, we have several homes offering dementia care services - Byron House, Hampden Hall, St Paul’s Care Centre, Riverdale Care Home and Westgate House Care Centre. Our dementia care areas are specifically designed with safety in mind, punctuated by clear visual prompts to help our residents with all types and stages of dementia. You’ll find circular pathways, sensory gardens, multisensory rooms and something of interest in every corner. We create a homely, comfortable setting to create feelings of familiarity with the smells of home-cooked food and friendly staff.

Familiarity and minimising potential stress are priorities in environment and in care. We have highly trained and qualified teams of long-serving dementia carers. They spend a great deal of time with our residents, both to benefit their care through maximum understanding, and to offer stimulating companionship. You can find out more about our approach to caring for dementia in our dementia guide.

To see the supportive environment we’ve created in our homes, please book an appointment to visit your nearest dementia care home. We’ll give you a guided tour and you can meet our dementia team and ask all the questions you need to make an informed decision.

Are you looking for dementia care for yourself or a loved one? Westgate Healthcare provides the highest quality care in a safe, secure, and friendly environment.

The standard of care in this home is exemplary. The staff give 110% at all times. They are patient, caring, understanding, kind and sensitive to my father's needs. I cannot imagine how this could be improved. I would recommend Byron House to anyone. With all the bad press around regarding nursing care this home is a shining example of how wrong this is. They are first class.

Relative of Byron House resident