Lifestyle Pioneers

Empowering our residents

Westgate Healthcare’s unique ‘Lifestyle Pioneer’ programme was created to empower residents to embrace their passions and to take the lead in evolving their lifestyles by continuing to do the things that are special to them.

Each of the homes across the Westgate group encourage their residents to join the Lifestyle Pioneer programme, whether they choose to become a Resident Gardener, Day Lounge Monitor, Event Pioneer. Resident Postman or Food Critic – the roles are limitless!

The roles within each of our care homes is adapted to suit residents personal interests, and every resident has the opportunity to work alongside the care team to carry out their duties.

By creating an open community where residents are empowered to take on a role within their living environment, we can build stronger and meaningful relationships whilst enabling our residents to enjoy a greater sense of purpose and pride.

The Lifestyle Pioneer programme reinforces that our care homes are a place where residents continue doing the things that are special to them, whilst being in a safe and homely environment that offers quality care. View the article.


I’m very happy to have a role as Resident Photographer as this was my job before I retired. I love that I get to take photographs at St Pauls, especially capturing activities and day trips. Brenton Neal, resident at St Pauls Care Centre

I love being outdoors and have always enjoyed gardening. I love wearing my Lifestyle Pioneer badge that shows my role around the home. Ann Slater, resident at Byron House Care Home

The chefs at Kingfisher always make delicious food and I’m always keen to try new recipes. Becoming a Resident Food Critic makes me feel like I’m a part of the kitchen staff. Margaret, resident at Kingfisher Nursing Home