Introducing Chatterbox

Starting conversations with our residents

Chatterbox is unique to Westgate Healthcare and is all about starting conversations with our residents. The idea of Chatterbox is that at each staff handover, every member of our team will take a card from the Chatterbox and ask their residents a question to start a conversation.

Encouraging conversations that are generated by a simple question helps us to get to know our residents, including what they like and dislike, their favourite memories, and their job prior to retirement. Chatterbox has evolved from solely being used by the staff and our residents, and we often see our residents using the cards with their own friends and family. No matter what age a person is, socialisation is import and gives us all a sense of belonging and acceptance. The feedback from families is very positive, with many relatives telling us their loved ones look forward to discussing events and memories with them, all thanks to Chatterbox.  The programme has also been widely publicised and positively received by the press and local communities. You can read the full article here.

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