Private Care

What is private care?

Private care is the perfect balance for receiving the right medical care from trained care professionals on a full time basis, whilst continuing to live a full life with dignity and respect. 

There are many care homes available throughout the UK, offering a range of residentialnursingpalliativedementia, respite and other services.

How can private care help you or your loved one?

Are you wanting your loved one to have a high standard of professional health care, attention and comfort in their older years? 

Private care ensures round the clock care from trained healthcare professionals, provision of healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals, and a range of activities that will develop new relationships and mental stimulation.

The focus in private care homes is not only on the physical health of residents but also the mental wellbeing, with many private care homes offering mental health assistance to residents. 

Westgate’s private care homes in England

Westgate Healthcare care homes offer excellent care and wellbeing to residents for elderly who are struggling to deal with day-to-day tasks such as cooking, eating and personal care.

Residents can look forward to nutritional home-cooked meals, cosy and homely living quarters, round the clock care and care teams who are passionate about providing a home from home living.

With 8 care homes across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex offering private care, we are proud of our homes and the care that they provide to residents, who have created comfortable, fun, personal and homely experiences for each and every one of our residents.

We at Westgate Healthcare do our best to offer something for everyone, so that each experience is meaningful and tailored for each person. It’s the personal touches that count, like knowing how many sugars in your tea, putting on Coronation Street in the afternoon, or simply taking the time to chat to you about your day.

We love to organise fun activities that will encourage physical and mental stimulation such as bakingBBQ’s in the summeranimal therapy, cooking, and gardening, to name just a few!

At Westgate, we also have our ‘Wish Tree’ initiative, where residents can leave a ‘wish’ of theirs on the tree, an exciting innovation that assists making their lives the very best that they can be. 

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