About Us

Choosing a care home is a deeply personal decision. What matters most to you and the person currently in your care?

A safe, independent environment

Westgate is a family-owned and run care group, founded by a nurse and her husband. You’ll find that family feel in each of our homes, just ask our residents.

With more than 20 years’ experience providing specialist and general residential care for people in later life, we’ve shaped our care experience by listening to and learning from from the people who come to live with us, as well as from the specialists who train our teams.

One of the greatest fears for older people is losing their independence. But residential care doesn’t have to feel that way. In a safe environment that feels like home, you might be surprised at how independent and free one can be.

We believe that life is to be lived and loved, so we put individual choice at the heart of home design and activity planning.

Personalised care packages

Respect, person-centred care and the ability to choose and make your own decisions is what Westgate Healthcare believes in.

It’s our belief that, as unique individuals, everybody deserves the level of care and attention that suits them personally. What’s more, happiness depends on being able to live life the way you want to. So the emotional, psychological, physical and medical needs of your loved one, in combination with their personal lifestyle preferences, define their experience with us.

We believe in freedom – within safe boundaries. In support – while encouraging independence wherever possible. In peace of mind – for residents and relatives.

We are here to make a difference.


The standard of care in this home is exemplary. The staff give 110% at all times. They are patient, caring, understanding, kind and sensitive to my father's needs. I cannot imagine how this could be improved. I would recommend Byron House to anyone. They are first class. Daughter of Byron House resident

I think I have been at Chestnuts longer than any of the other residents. I am very happy here. The staff are very kind. I enjoy the food and all the games and activities. We have a lot of concerts too which I like very much. We have a lovely Garden Party in the summer, with food and entertainment; friends and family are also invited. Today the sun was shining so we all sat in the garden with the music playing eating ice-cream. I also have made a lot of friends here, so am very happy. Resident at Chestnuts

We are very pleased with the care given to my mother. She is very settled and contented and responds well to staff interaction. I have no concerns about her care and find her very relaxed on many occasion, which was not the case when she was cared for at home (by me). The atmosphere is calm. Relative of Burford House resident