Measures we’re taking during recruitment

Westgate Healthcare is taking the Coronavirus threat seriously and we have put various precautionary measures in place.

As part of these measures, we are limiting visits from the public to our care homes. We are continuing to recruit people to join our wonderful staff teams, however, if you are invited for an interview with us we will ask you to please comply with our local precautionary procedures. Your interview may take place off-site, in order to limit visits to the care home, or if you interview at a care home we will ask you to interview in a dedicated area and will restrict your ability to visit the rest of the building. We will also ask you to thoroughly wash your hands on arrival for your interview and we will remind you to ensure that you are following the Government guidelines in regards to managing the spread of Coronavirus.

If we have any concerns that you may be a confirmed or suspected carrier of Coronavirus then we reserve the right to cancel your interview. Please note that we are taking these measures in order to protect the elderly residents who we care for.

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