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Westgate Healthcare residents honour 80th anniversary of D-Day

Westgate Healthcare residents honour 80th anniversary of D-Day

Westgate Healthcare homes have been honouring the 80th anniversary of D-Day across the group. This momentous occasion commemorates the bravery and sacrifice of the Allied forces during World War II and serves as a reminder of the enduring values of courage, freedom, and resilience.

Residents and team members participated in a series of commemorative activities designed to educate, honour, and engage. Highlights of the day included:

Educational Documentaries: Residents attended informative sessions featuring documentaries about D-Day, providing historical context and personal stories from those who lived through the era. At Hampden Hall Care Centre, a special guest from the RAF provided insights into ration packs, body armour and weaponry.

Veteran Stories: We are honoured to have veterans among our residents who shared their personal experiences and memories of the war, offering invaluable first-hand accounts of history.

Themed Crafts and Activities: Residents participated in themed craft activities such as making poppies, creating wartime posters, and engaging in games and quizzes.

Musical Performances: Local musicians and bands performed songs from the wartime era, reviving the sounds that buoyed spirits during challenging times.

Special Meals: Our kitchens prepared special menus inspired by the 1940s, giving residents a taste of the past with traditional wartime recipes.

“D-Day is a pivotal moment in history, and it is important for us to remember and honour the sacrifices made for our freedom,” said Dan Scott-Elder, Operations Director of Westgate Healthcare. “Our residents, many of whom lived through these times, deserve to have their memories preserved and respected. We are excited to bring history to life through these engaging activities and to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation among all generations.”

The celebrations reflect Westgate Healthcare’s ongoing commitment to providing enriching and meaningful activities that enhance the lives of its residents. Family members and local community members were also invited to join the celebrations, making it a truly inclusive event.

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