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Welcome to the family Riverdale!

Our 'Welcome Riverdale' charity cycling event was a HUGE success this week, with the entire Westgate Healthcare group getting involved and helping to raise funds for Afirm India. The event was hosted by Westgate House who really went all out to ensure that everyone had a great time and was well catered to. We had upbeat music to keep our riders motivated, singing, dancing and a delicious BBQ at lunchtime.

Each home and head office created a welcome banner and performed a special routine to welcome our newest home Riverdale to the Westgate family. It really was great fun for the whole team and of course, our residents who loved helping out and watching the cycling and dance routines.

A big thank you to everyone for all of your efforts and donations! You can still donate to Afirm India by following this link  and you can see more pictures and videos on our Facebook page @WestgateHealthcare.

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