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These Podcasts Will Help You Understand Dementia

Are you having a tough time taking care of a loved one with dementia? Perhaps you want a little help understanding dementia, or want to learn more about the neurology of condition?

Podcasts are a great way to get quick and entertaining information on the topic. So, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are some of the best podcasts about dementia so you can learn more about every aspect of the condition.

The Best Podcasts about Dementia

  1. Dementia Together

This series shares some of the best stories that have been featured in the Alzheimer’s Society magazine. The episodes explore a wide range of dementia-related topics and feature stories from real people living with and caring for those with the condition. With more than 57 episodes to choose from, there’s plenty to keep you busy!

  1. Dementia Researcher Podcast

This podcast looks at the condition from a different perspective. It explores some of the research that is taking place and discusses the issues that matter to the data scientists and researchers that are working to improve our understanding of the condition.

  1. Understanding, Preventing and Treating Dementia

The Grey Matter Podcast from the University of Queensland has produced an excellent series about the work researchers are doing to understand and develop new treatments. It explains the different types of dementia and discusses whether it’s possible to reduce the risk of getting it.

  1. Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts

This long-running series covers all medical matters and includes an excellent archive of Alzheimer’s and dementia podcasts that are well worth a listen. The episodes explore everything from the effect of particular stressors to the impact of alcohol.

  1. DementiaLiving

This production from NoosaCare takes an inspiring and uplifting look at how you and your loved ones can still live a fulfilling life after a dementia diagnosis. It covers everything from healthy eating to financial planning.

  1. Dementia Care Partner Talk Show

This podcast is designed to help care partners of those with the condition navigate the care maze, from making sense of your care options to creative solutions to some of the common, and less common, care challenges you’ll encounter.

  1. Misunderstanding Dementia

Do you want to be the best possible caregiver for a loved one? Then this is the podcast for you. You will learn how to understand the behaviours of those with the condition and receive tips on how to make life a little bit brighter for everyone.

Your Specialist Dementia Care Team

At Westgate Healthcare, we provide specialist dementia care in the comfortable, active and friendly surroundings of our dementia care homes. Read our dementia guide or get in touch with our team to find out more.  

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