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Riverdale Care Home hosts an unbelievably magical mini – Winter Wonderland.

Riverdale Care Home hosts an unbelievably magical mini – Winter Wonderland.

In true Riverdale Care Home fashion, all the stops were pulled out for a spectacular Christmas event this year. A ‘Mini Winter Wonderland’ theme was held at the Care Home in Braintree, which involved a surprise visit from some amazing festive friends, including reindeers, a couple of adorable ponies and cute penguins.

Residents were absolutely delighted to meet the festive animals and spend some quality time together, stroking and petting the animals brought joy to all. Even Santa Claus made an appearance and helped to spread some festive cheer amongst the residents. Other attendees included the local District Council Chairman- Diana Garrod who enjoyed spending time appreciating the magic, as well as the amazing local infants from John Ray School where they sang for everyone. 

Regular entertainer Joanne Lee came along for the reindeer ride and sang all the Christmas classics, which added to the magical, festive atmosphere. Everyone wrapped up and kept warm enjoying freshly prepared hot dogs, beef burgers, mulled wine and apple cider, as well as sweet candy floss, a chocolate fountain and delicious hot chocolate topped with fluffy marshmallows. It really was a show stopping afternoon for everyone involved and beautiful memories were made to be cherished.  

Home Manager Renata said ‘We have been planning this extraordinary event for quite some time and knew it would bring such love and joy to all of our residents. It didn’t take long for the festive animals to become very popular’.


Customer Relations Manager Lynda said ‘Our wonderful residents were able to get very close and feel the reindeers breathe and touch their shiny hair, this was a particularly joyful experience that stimulated our residents’ senses. Everyone who met the animals, both residents and staff fell in love with them’.


Riverdale Care Home welcomes animals for therapeutic purposes, bringing joy and a sense of calm to the residents, but also benefitting their mental health and wellbeing by boosting their activity levels, reducing stress and combating loneliness.

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