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Westgate Healthcare receive artbook donations for Dementia Action Week

Westgate Healthcare receive artbook donations for Dementia Action Week

Westgate Healthcare have received a generous donation of adult artbooks aimed at enriching the lives of the elderly living with dementia within our communities. This donation made possible through the kindness and generosity of Essex Freemasons, re-enforces our mission to enhance the well-being and mental stimulation of our residents.

Get Started Art, founded in Essex back in November 2022, initially funded by a grant from the Essex Freemasons Community Fund, saw over 4,000 colouring books and 10,000 colouring pencils donated to over sixty groups including hospitals, schools, day centres, care homes and many more. Further funding from local businesses as well as support from other Masonic lodges and Centres throughout Essex and beyond, enabled the scheme to print and distribute over 50,000 Art Therapy mandala style books.

On Saturday 20th April, Westgate Healthcare took delivery of over 1500 books, which are being distributed across the portfolio of eight homes across Essex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and London for our residents to enjoy. Representatives from our homes are reaching out to local community connections such as Dementia Action Alliance, Dacorum Radio and local elderly community groups for others to share the kind donation.

“We are deeply grateful for this thoughtful donation of artbooks,” said David Martins, Head of Sales. “These books will not only serve as sources of inspiration and enjoyment but also as tools for therapeutic expression and social interaction for our elderly community members.”

Studies have shown that engagement with the arts can have profound benefits for individuals of all ages. From stimulating cognitive function and improving mood to reducing feelings of isolation, the power of art in enhancing overall quality of life cannot be overstated.

With the addition of these artbooks, we aim to create a dynamic and stimulating environment where residents and local community can explore their creativity, share experiences, and cultivate meaningful connections with one another.

Westgate Healthcare extends heartfelt thanks to Essex Freemasons for their generous contribution, unwavering support, and collaboration with the scheme. Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of the elderly in our community, promoting dignity, joy, and fulfilment in their golden years.

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