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Brownies and Girl Guides spread joy at Hampden Hall for World Book Day

Brownies and Girl Guides spread joy at Hampden Hall for World Book Day

Aylesbury Brownies and Girl Guides paid a heartwarming visit to the residents of Hampden Hall Care Centre, in an uplifting afternoon filled with smiles and laughter, these young leaders brought joy and companionship to the elderly residents, forging meaningful connections across generations.

Guided by their commitment to service and kindness, the Brownies and Girl Guides, embarked on a special mission to spread cheer and brighten the residents day reading stories from their favourite books and making personal bookmarks with a variety of resources, celebrating  World Book Day.

A resident said, “I was very happy to be involved, they all seemed to enjoy it and I got to keep my bookmark that I made, it was great fun.”

The exchange of stories and experiences between the young visitors and the elderly residents created a sense of connection and camaraderie, illustrating the timeless bonds that unite people of different ages and backgrounds.

Lucie Baker, Group Wellbeing Manager said – “Building Community links is a big part of supporting our residents to leading fulfilling and meaningful interactions and memories. Visits from the brownies are thoroughly enjoyed by our residents within Hampden Hall. Seeing the children within the home creates a warm glow and smiles all around showcase the powerful impact of intergeneration activities.”

Quote from Wellbeing Team – “Our most recent visit was story time and bookmark making to link with World Book Day. The Brownies took their time to read their favourite books to our residents and created beautiful motivational worded bookmarks together. It was an imaginative and fun atmosphere and enjoyed by all. With lots of glitter and sparkle left behind Henry the hoover was put to work!”

The visit to Hampden Hall Care Centre underscores the enduring values of compassion, empathy, and service that lie at the heart of the Brownie and Girl Guide movements. By reaching out to those in need and fostering meaningful connections, these young leaders are not only enriching the lives of others but also shaping a brighter, more compassionate future for our communities.

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