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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right presents for older loved ones. While we’ve all resisted the last-minute urge to grab the nearest jigsaw puzzle, electric blanket or bird feeder by the checkout counter at the supermarket, with a little bit of extra consideration it may be possible to find something more practical that they will really enjoy as well. 

Whether you’re shopping for parents or grandparents this festive season, and in particular if they are living in a care home, the following options are a little more personal and more likely to bring a smile to their faces. 

Christmas Gifts for Elderly Loved Ones

When you’re shopping for an elderly loved one, it helps to ask for input on your ideas from other members of the family, in order to gauge whether they are practical to the loved one you are shopping for. Here are a couple of suggestions you can start off with:

  • A big, bright wall calendar brings a cheerful tone to any room and is helpful when it comes to writing down birthdays and important dates. With the new year just a week after Christmas, you can spend some time filling in the dates together on Boxing Day.
  • Non-slip socks are comfortable and helpful, preventing your loved one from slipping on potentially dangerous surfaces. Socks with a bit of character and colour are great, as they not only bring a person joy but also they remind them of you each time they wear them.
  • An automatic playing card shuffler is a great choice for an older person who enjoys their card games. Younger children may also be curious about the card shuffler, providing the perfect opportunity for some bonding moments between grandparents and grandchildren over the holidays.

Gifts for the Visually Impaired

If your loved one is visually impaired, it makes sense to be mindful of this when finding the perfect gift for them this year. Here, going practical is very important, and greater consideration can be made for the other senses as well.

  • Talking watches are becoming all the more popular as Christmas presents. The ranges from Talking Watch Shop have a clear English voice and are easy to use, having been specifically designed with the elderly in mind.
  • A magnifying necklace can be helpful to those with a slight visual impairment. You can find beautiful ones from stores like Etsy in a range of different designs, from as little as £5. Have a look at some of your loved ones other necklaces if you’re unsure about the style and designs they may prefer.

Source (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Gifts for the Hard of Hearing

If your parent or grandparent is hard of hearing, there are some wonderful out-of-the-box gift ideas for you to explore. The following gift ideas are great, as they may also make their lives a little easier going into the new year:

  • A TV listening device can help them watch their favourite TV programmes without having to worry about turning up the volume to maximum each time. There are a number of great options out there, especially if you are shopping on a tighter budget this festive season.
  • A vibrating alarm clock is also a practical choice, as they come equipped with a vibrating pad that slides gently under a pillow or mattress. There are multiple brands to choose from, each with different bells and whistles, but most should give you what you need in the £20 to £40 range.

Gifts for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

When buying a gift for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, finding something that assists with keeping them mentally stimulated is a great way to go. 

  • A digital photo frame or photo book, which you can preload with images and captions, is a great gift for those with memory loss. This becomes a great talking point each time you see each other, and can be easily updated via USB or bluetooth. 
  • A fiddle muff for sensory stimulation can be found at the Alzheimer’s Society Shop for around £30. Equipped with light, warm fabric and available in a range of eccentric colours, this product keeps the fingers warm and exercised and is proven to help alleviate restlessness.

‘Friendly Lion’ Fiddle Muff from Alzheimer’s Society

What a Difference a Thoughtful Gift Makes

Having seen so many families take extra care to make an elderly loved one in one of our care homes feel special over the festive season, we can vouch for just how much joy it brings. 

By spending a bit of extra time finding a helpful, cheerful gift for your elderly parent or grandparent, you make our job of encouraging residents to live happy and healthy lives all the more easier and energise them for the year ahead. 

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful festive season.

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