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Could you become a Westgate Volunteer?

Volunteering with Westgate Healthcare is an incredibly rewarding process. Our volunteers say that they genuinely look forward to coming to work with our residents, as it gives them a unique experience and the chance to support their local community while having a real impact on other people’s lives.

It’s easy to get the wrong idea about what’s involved in being a care home volunteer, and misconceptions can sometimes put people off from trying this very rewarding role. Here’s what you need to know about volunteering with a care group like Westgate.

The benefits of volunteering with older people

Working closely with older people, as any of our care team will tell you, is an immensely rewarding experience. It’s also challenging, hard, and no two days are the same, but that’s just something we love about the job. Our volunteers can benefit from their role by:

Having a real impact on someone’s life: Rather than working in a job where you never really get to see the end results, our volunteers can see the benefit their efforts are having immediately and first hand. From a simple smile to fixing a problem for someone, we promise you’ll leave with that feel-good sensation tingling in your veins!

Learn some amazing life lessons: Our residents are full of amazing stories, valuable insight and all the knowledge that comes with walking this earth for 70, 80 or even 90 years. You can tap into that amazing wealth of knowledge and experience, and perhaps gain some valuable life lessons yourself.

Make new friends: Volunteering in our home will get you out and about, making new friends every day. As well as our residents themselves (who we know you’ll make brilliant friends with) there is also the care team, visiting specialists and more. If you’re looking to expand your social circle, this is a great way to do it.

Learn new skills: If you’re keen to get into the care sector yourself, or want experience of working with vulnerable people, working with us is a huge boost to any CV. Committed volunteers can be rewarded with training as well, helping you build your skill set for future employment opportunities.

Show off your passion: If you’re an expert in something, we’ll welcome your input to our activities in the home. Whether you play an instrument and would like to perform, can teach older people to use a smartphone or tablet, or simply want an excuse to play your favourite board game with some enthusiastic partners, your personality is welcome here!

Getting involved

If you’d like to find out about volunteering in one of our homes, or have any questions about what our volunteers do, please do get in touch. We’ll assist with DBS checks and training for things like fire safety, and if you’re interested in a career in care, this can be a great way to begin your new role. Simply contact your local care home manager and they will arrange for you to pop in and see what it’s all about

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