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Chestnut Manor Care Home Finalist for Best in Nursing Care at Prestigious Awards

Chestnut Manor Care Home Finalist for Best in Nursing Care at Prestigious Awards

Chestnut Manor Care Home, a leading provider of exceptional senior care services, is thrilled to announce its recognition as a finalist for the prestigious Care Home Awards in the category of Best in Nursing Care. This achievement highlights the dedication and exceptional efforts of the nursing team to transform the lives of residents, fostering a culture of compassion, and ensuring an environment that promotes holistic well-being.

“At Chestnut Manor Care Home, we believe that exceptional nursing care goes beyond routine medical attention. It encompasses a profound dedication to promoting the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of our residents. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate nursing professionals strive to create an atmosphere of warmth, trust, and respect. We are honoured to be named a finalist for Best in Nursing Care at the Care Home Awards.” said Rosie Monger, Care Home Manager.

The rigorous selection process for the awards considered various criteria, including the quality of nursing care, innovative approaches to healthcare, and the positive impact on residents’ well-being.

The awards ceremony, scheduled for Friday 17th May, promises to be an exciting event, bringing together leaders and influencers in the senior care sector.

Dan Scott-Elder, Operations Director said “Chestnut Manor Care Home nursing team’s dedication, innovation, collaboration, community engagement, and commitment to best practices have collectively elevated the standard of care provided. The unwavering focus on resident well-being and the tireless efforts of the nursing team make them deserving recipients of this esteemed recognition”.

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