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A love story for the ages at Kingfisher Nursing Home

Keith and Jean at Kingfisher Nursing Home

Keith and Jean’s love story is one for the ages; even after 70 years of marriage, the Kingfisher team found their dedication to each other exceptional. Keith, who sadly recently passed away in December, was given a memorial at Kingfisher Nursing Home, where his life was celebrated amongst his family and friends.

Keith joined Kingfisher Nursing Home for 18 months, while his wife, Jean, had been a resident at the home for a year. Amidst the height of the covid pandemic, Keith visited his wife as much as possible and stood by her window during the harsh weather conditions.

Keith missed his wife, Jean, tremendously and decided to leave his family home and move into Kingfisher Nursing Home after experiencing his own health issues. Though hesitant to move into the home, his family stated that he loved his time at Kingfisher and wished he had joined earlier.

Throughout their life at Kingfisher Nursing Home, Keith would spend his days looking after Jean by restyling her hair, applying her face creams and adding perfume to her hair and garments. The couple were inseparable, spending every moment with one another, enjoying activities in the home, eating together, assisting with personal care and speaking with each other often.

Towards the end of 2022, Keith became unwell and unfortunately passed away after Christmas.

Carol, the daughter of Keith, honoured her dad by celebrating his life with a Memorial at Kingfisher Nursing Home for her family, the staff and her mother, Jean.

Kingfisher Nursing Home Memorial Kingfisher Nursing Home Memorial

The team at Kingfisher decorated the conservatory in blue and white, honouring Keith’s favourite team, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Keith’s love for reading the newspaper inspired the team to create collages using this medium with all Kingfisher staff’s favourite memories of Keith. The kitchen team created an elaborate buffet for all the memorial, with Keith’s beloved meals in mind. At the end of the event, everyone toasted with a drop of Stella Artois, which was Keith’s drink of choice.

Kingfisher organised a ‘Thank you Party’ for all team members on behalf of Carol and her family’s substantial donation for taking great care of her dad.

Read about Keith and Jean’s story of thier love and learn how they celebrated Valentine’s Day at Kingfisher Nursing Home by clicking here.

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