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5 things you’ll spot in a great care worker

Whether you have a loved one who is a resident in one of our homes or have experienced care in another setting, you won’t always notice just how special a great care worker is. Care workers are truly unique people with a wonderful skill set that enables them to do an amazing job.

Next time you’re around a care worker, take a look and see if you can spot these five fantastic traits, and how they use them in practice to deliver outstanding care.

1. Patience

Working with older people can be tiring at times, and it can be all too easy to become frustrated when things aren’t going well. Residents may be in pain or upset and are apt to take this out on their caregiver. They might move slowly, find it hard to understand or be inclined to be difficult for whatever reason. A great care worker will always treat them with compassion and care, no matter how stressful the situation may get. They will smile, stay calm and react with empathy.

2. Complete professionalism

From the way they dress to the things they talk about; great care workers will always have their professional head on when they are in the home. Our care workers value residents’ confidentiality and will never be found gossiping about the people they care for, in or outside of our building. They work well as a team but have the initiative to think on their feet when they need to as well.

3. Respect

A great care worker treats every cared for person with endless levels of respect. In our profession, we learn to see past the illness, infirmity or vulnerability of our residents, and to appreciate the fascinating person inside. Older people have seen and done a great deal with their lives, and we have boundless amounts of respect for them, which shows through in the way our care workers treat every single person.

4. Excellent communication

Care workers need to be outstanding communicators, not just to enable them to talk to the residents in a clear, understandable way, but also to deal with all the other people they have to work with to deliver this service. From relatives to doctors, suppliers to team members, maintaining incredible levels of communication results in a flawless and joined up approach to the care they give.

5. Empathy and genuine concern

Care workers don’t care because they have to, they care because they really do. Those who are drawn into caring roles have a depth of empathy and concern for others that really goes above and beyond. Residents will see through anyone who is simply going through the motions in a flash and will feel less valued as a result. Those who truly care get a real buzz out of working in a caring environment and excel at their jobs too.

To find out more about what makes the care we deliver at Westgate so very special, talk to our team today. We’re here to help your loved ones feel happy and taken care of when they come to us and are proud to employ some of the most passionate carers in the country at our home. Next time you visit, see if you can spot these wonderful qualities in action.

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