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We understand that moving into care can be a stressful time for the resident and their families. With that in mind we’ve collected some of the most common questions we get asked and answered them below.

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What is included in the fees?

Our fees include all major items for your peace of mind, such as your 24-hour care package, accommodation, housekeeping, catering and security services amongst others. Items that may not be included vary by home but in general include items such as hairdressing, chiropody, telephone line rental and call charges, escorts to booked appointments and specialist outings.

Can residents bring their own belongings?

Of course, we encourage residents to bring photos, their most loved possessions and even small items of furniture with them. We think this helps residents feel comfortable and happy in their new home. Ensuring the safety of residents is paramount so the home manager will be pleased to agree and document any items they may choose to bring.

How much does it cost?

Everyone’s needs are different which means that every resident needs a care plan that is tailored to them. Our weekly fees are calculated following a comprehensive pre-admission assessment. Fees will also vary by home and by the room that you choose. If you’d like some more information on the weekly fees, please contact us on 0800 994 9041.

What activities do you offer?

At Westgate, there is always something interesting to do. Each of our care homes has a dedicated coordinator that organises fun and stimulating activities for all our residents to get involved in if they wish to. These activities include art therapy sessions, exercise classes, karaoke sessions and tea parties. We are also delighted to be working with the Oomph! Wellness programme in our group to enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of our residents.  We have seen a huge positive impact on our residents and staff team. You can find further information on Oomph! by clicking on their weblink below.

When can I visit my loved one?

At Westgate, we encourage you to visit your loved one as often as you can, so we don’t restrict visiting times to specific hours. Visitors should, however, be aware that there are some periods of the day, such as meal times, that are busier than others. If you need more information about when the best time is to visit your loved one, please call the home.

For our latest updates on visiting during Covid, please click here.

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