Activities & Lifestyle

Activities & Lifestyle

We think life is to be loved. Moving into residential care shouldn’t change that. Of course, everyone has different interests, tastes and preferences.

You’ll be pleased to know that because we provide maximum choice and variety, everyone who comes to live with us can have the lifestyle they prefer. Breakfast in bed or in the dining area with company. A relaxing bath or straight into socialising. Reading the paper or watching a little light entertainment – however you might want to spend your time, we provide the right space, for solitude or socialising.

And then there’s our entertainment team. They work tirelessly and continuously to create a stimulating timetable of individual and group activities.

Everything – of course – is optional, but we encourage involvement wherever it’s appropriate and beneficial. Regular activities include bingo and movie nights, arts and crafts, gardening, inclusive exercise sessions, games and visits. We work with NAPA Activities to find out more see their website by clicking on the link

We welcome suggestions and feedback from our residents and their families. If we can accommodate it, we make it happen. 

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Very good, polite human care team. Very motivated and treat people with dignity. Great job from all of the staff. Excellent management. They all built up a personal relationship with my uncle that let him feel so well. He was always happy seeing one of the care team. A big thank you more than words can say. Relative of St Pauls resident

I’ve seen Mum in photos when you have special events or just normal activities, and she always looks happy. Family and friends are sometimes invited on special event days to join in, which is fantastic. Communication has been excellent from updates on health or activities as well as communication from the manager and nurse. Family and friends are always welcome which makes you feel comfortable and confident with the care being delivered. I know my Mum is safe and it takes a huge worry off my shoulders knowing she is happy. Daughter of Resident | Kingfisher Nursing Home